Monday, February 28, 2011

Saturday Night Fun

John and I hit up the Eagle Rock Brewery this weekend and I was tickled by this group of guys next to us.

Hot Saturday night with the guys? Can't leave home without your vest, plaid shirt, and beard, right?

Oh and the center had this on the back.

Sorry for the camera picture, but I just couldn't pass on capture this jewel. I freakin' love it.

John and I enjoyed sampling the brews, though I'm still sad John got the last Highway 78 Scotch Ale. Especially since he totally talked me out of ordering it the night before. He said I wouldn't like it, and I believed him...then the next night he went on and on about how good it was. Jerk. (John totally believe he did not talk me out of getting this beer, but I choose to interpret the event my way).

Anyways, it was a lovely weekend. Very relaxing.

I also finished this sweater finally. Turned out really nice, though I have a couple gripes.

Again, camera photo pictures. I lost the charger to my camera, so I'm making due for now.

Love: The detailing at the sleeve and neck opening. The wash-ability of the yarn. The color...Purple Mystery...Yum!
Hate: The yarn is a little thick and warm for Los Angeles. The pattern called for this to be knit in pieces, then sewn together. Good for knitting on the go (like when I was in Colorado), but bad for completing the project. It sat in my sewing room for a month while I tried to find a day when I had both time and daylight to be able to see all those stitches in such dark yarn. Also the pattern called for you to sew a little hem into the bottom. This make a nice finished edge, but also makes the sweater twice as thick right around my hips.

Pattern: Greenaway
Yarn: Malabrigo Rios in Purple Mystery
Yardage: 1092 yards
Timeline: December 23rd-February 26th


  1. It looks lovely, thanks for making the sweater!

    Sometimes I'll do the inside of a turned hem with either sock yarn or kidsilk haze scraps--can't really call for that in a pattern, but it does cut down on the bulk. And it looks like the Peru knits up perhaps a little thinner at the gauge. Anyway, your version looks great and the color is to die for!

  2. Wow! Thanks Amy. I definitely love the color.

    What a good idea to decrease the bulk on the hem, I try it next time.

    Your pattern was really awesome! I just love the detailing. You have so many pretty patterns.