Wednesday, February 9, 2011

11 days and counting

My friend Kristin's wedding is in 11 days.

I'm one of the bridesmaids and decided to make my own dress. I'm still very happy with my decision except...this is the state of the dress right now.

Yep, its still in pieces. Why? I need a zipper, but more importantly...I need thread.

Now a few short weeks ago finding thread quickly would be no problem. There was a JoAnns right down the road. Not my favorite store for fabric, but thread and zippers were an easy find. Now the JoAnns in closed. (Tear) So I need to make a special trip to another town to get the notions I need. Sigh...guess what I'll be doing Saturday.


  1. You better get a move on lady!

  2. You made that dress in that short a time? It came out great Jessica!