Thursday, September 30, 2010


Breathe, just breathe Jessica! You've actually had someone comment on your blog. Thanks you Chrys*! Hip hop and me just do not mix. Disco is way better.

Though I have to confess I did not disco up my evening last night. Instead I walked Dottie through a rare thunder and lightening storm then made a grilled cheese sandwich. It was delicious. It had Havarti with dill.

Okay, onto today's post.

Oh caffeine! How I love and hate you at the same time. 

Continuing my thread of diet related posts, I'd like to discuss my caffeine addiction.

I drink 2-3 caffeinated beverages every day. While I'm not the biggest caffeine junky, I'd like to at least cut back a little. 

Last spring I drank a cup of coffee in the morning, then a cup of coffee in the afternoon, followed by a can of diet coke. 

Now I'm down to two caffeinated beverages and I have my husband to thank. 

He started calling diet coke poison when I drank it. 

Stupid man ruined my perfectly good possibly cancer causing habit. Thanks babe! 

So now I only drink diet coke some times. If I feel like one in the afternoon I drink diet soda instead of coffee thus keeping the count at 2. Go me!

But what am I going to do starting October 11th? I might have to go cold turkey on the afternoon pick me up!!!!

I'm starting a new job and I have no idea if there is a coffee shop in the building or a kitchen where I can make a cup myself. 

Can I make it through an afternoon with out caffeine?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's Disco!

This morning I hurt my toe. Tear.

With my husband out of town it was up to me to take the trash out. But I was in kind of a hurry. And, well, I dropped the trash can on my toe. It hurt. I scared Dottie. Then I gave Dottie a pet on the head and she felt better. I did not. My toe has a dent in it now. But I think it will be fine. No amputation needed, just a night off from ballet.

But…I still need to exercise right? Of course I do. I can’t put on a pair of pointe shoes, but I can put on some socks in my living room. Enter….

(Photo from 

Seriously my favorite exercise video I own. Maybe not as good as the aerobic tapes my mom had in the 80s, but disco abs does have disco and a lack of thong leotards.

It also has Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars. I find her approachable as a fitness instructor and not condescending like Jillian Michaels.

The production budget on this video must have been like $5 because the back-up people totally make mistakes and are kind of weird. But the exercises are fun and really get me jumping around. Hopefully Dottie won’t get in my way so I can really move.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Grocery Shopping

The blog Cheap Healthy Good recently did a posting on groceries. How much do people spend? What is considered a reasonable amount? It got me thinking about how much John and I spend on groceries each week. I think we do pretty good, but obviously we could do better. So here goes...a typical week of shopping.

Before shopping we took a look in the fridge. We had a few mushrooms, some beef broth, and 1.5 potatoes. Beef stew was in our future. 

The Farmer's Market- about $20
3 pears
1 pint strawberries
1 bag of baby arugula
1 bunch fresh thyme
1 bunch baby carrots (like really baby carrots, not those whittled down ones from the super market)
1 head of garlic
1 sweet potato
1 jar of apricot brandy jam (a splurge for sure, but come on it's got brandy!)
1 baggie of baby portobello mushrooms

Not as cheap as purchasing these things at the market, but we're willing to pay slightly more to buy directly from the farmers.

Henry's Market- about $50
1 box of high fiber cereal
1% milk half gallon
1.5 lbs. stew beef
2 onions
2 zucchini
1 cucumber
5 containers of yougurt
1 container beef broth
1 package of penne
.25 lbs. of havarti with dill
1 can crushed tomotoes
1 4-pack of vanilla creamed soda for a pool party
1 loaf of whole wheat bread (I usually bake it myelf, but it was over 100˚ and we have no A/C)
1 bottle of pineapple juice
5lb. sack of sugar
1 bunch asparagus

I feel like I'm forgetting a few things, but you get the gist. 

Over all I feel like we eat pretty well. We mostly make our own food and I try to plan healthy and vegetable packed meals as often as I can. I also try to plan at least one vegetarian meal every week. This week it was pasta. I'd also like to mention my husband is out of town most of this week, so we only planned 2 big meals instead of our usual 3, but half of the stew is going into the freezer for a later week. Usually we'd have purchased more fruit, but it would be rotten in this heat if we didn't eat it right away. We did have a couple splurges, like expensive jam, cream soda, and pineapple juice. 

We also usually eat out a couple times a week in addition to the groceries. I know, I know. Eating out is very expensive. You are totally right.  

Here's a typical week.
Breakfast: cereal, eggs & bacon, or bagels depending on what's left in the fridge
Lunch: out
Dinner: Main meal of the week, usually something I can take for lunch most of the week

Breakfast: cereal/fruit
Lunch: leftovers for me, mystery food for John (I'm pretty sure he eat out often during the week.)
Dinner: pre-ballet class sandwich for me/John scavenges again

Breakfast: cereal/fruit
Lunch: leftovers for me, mystery food for John
Dinner: our 2nd/3rd pre-planned meals of the week.

Breakfast: cereal/fruit
Lunch: leftovers for me, mystery food for John
Dinner: out/3rd pre-planned meal (if not already cooked)

Breakfast: cereal, eggs & bacon, or bagels depending on what's left in the fridge
Lunch: out
Dinner: out

Hmmm, we seem to eat out more than I thought. Part of this is due to my husband. I can eat the same thing for a week straight, but he refuses to eat the same thing two days in a row. That jerk! How dare he demand variety? To be fair, we don't always eat out all these meals. Most weekends we'll only eat twice in a day. Or maybe I'm volunteering and John's left to fend for himself. Actually John's left to fend for himself a lot. Sorry dear!

Most weekdays I have no idea what John eats unless I find evidence like missing left overs or take out cups. The other big adjustment is that my husband eats twice the portion size I do, so leftovers really don't stretch as far as I'd like most weeks.

So, what advice do you have? How can I get John to eat more leftovers? What recipes do you make that don't break the bank?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Johnny's Sweater

This is Johnny's Christmas Sweater. He's very excited about it, but of course he should be. He picked the color and the pattern. I'm 7.5 inches in and it's going so well so far!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We are way too in love with our dog.

Work has been rough for the last year, but my husband has found a way to make it all better. He's started sending me emails titled 'What's Dots doing now?'

Let's see. What did Dottie do today?
First she took a nap. 

 Then she played with her fox.

 Are you talking about me?

 Lastly she watched a little TV.

Boy oh boy, she's going to be tired today! What a busy little girl. 

Oh, and we're officially that couple. We know.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New cookbook!

We're taking a break from my favorite cookbook ever to try a recipe out of this bad boy! Curried Lentil Soup tonight! I hope it's good!

I bought this book back in April when we moved in and we haven't made a thing from it. So sad. Tonight we fix this situation!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Once upon a time I knit a beautiful sweater. It was shade of purple with a nice open pattern. I made it in worsted weight wool which was a big mistake, but still I loved its beauty even if I almost never wore it because it made me sweat profusely. You see I made it to wear in spring and fall when the temperatures of LA drop all the way into the 70s. I should have made it for winter, but I was naive.

And then I washed it...

I put it in the washer with my other wool sweater (the one I made from washable wool) as an experiment to see if I could in fact wash the sweater in the machine. I put in on the hand wash/drip dry setting. What came out was a very beautiful toddler sized creation.

Consider this lesson learned. You CAN felt a wool sweater in a front loading washer even on the hand wash setting.