Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's Disco!

This morning I hurt my toe. Tear.

With my husband out of town it was up to me to take the trash out. But I was in kind of a hurry. And, well, I dropped the trash can on my toe. It hurt. I scared Dottie. Then I gave Dottie a pet on the head and she felt better. I did not. My toe has a dent in it now. But I think it will be fine. No amputation needed, just a night off from ballet.

But…I still need to exercise right? Of course I do. I can’t put on a pair of pointe shoes, but I can put on some socks in my living room. Enter….

(Photo from 

Seriously my favorite exercise video I own. Maybe not as good as the aerobic tapes my mom had in the 80s, but disco abs does have disco and a lack of thong leotards.

It also has Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars. I find her approachable as a fitness instructor and not condescending like Jillian Michaels.

The production budget on this video must have been like $5 because the back-up people totally make mistakes and are kind of weird. But the exercises are fun and really get me jumping around. Hopefully Dottie won’t get in my way so I can really move.

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  1. Even after all the "hip hop abs" infomercials i've seen this week, your disco sounds better. Do you remember barbie's workout vhs? That was my fave. I'm a Wii fit girl now.