Thursday, September 30, 2010


Breathe, just breathe Jessica! You've actually had someone comment on your blog. Thanks you Chrys*! Hip hop and me just do not mix. Disco is way better.

Though I have to confess I did not disco up my evening last night. Instead I walked Dottie through a rare thunder and lightening storm then made a grilled cheese sandwich. It was delicious. It had Havarti with dill.

Okay, onto today's post.

Oh caffeine! How I love and hate you at the same time. 

Continuing my thread of diet related posts, I'd like to discuss my caffeine addiction.

I drink 2-3 caffeinated beverages every day. While I'm not the biggest caffeine junky, I'd like to at least cut back a little. 

Last spring I drank a cup of coffee in the morning, then a cup of coffee in the afternoon, followed by a can of diet coke. 

Now I'm down to two caffeinated beverages and I have my husband to thank. 

He started calling diet coke poison when I drank it. 

Stupid man ruined my perfectly good possibly cancer causing habit. Thanks babe! 

So now I only drink diet coke some times. If I feel like one in the afternoon I drink diet soda instead of coffee thus keeping the count at 2. Go me!

But what am I going to do starting October 11th? I might have to go cold turkey on the afternoon pick me up!!!!

I'm starting a new job and I have no idea if there is a coffee shop in the building or a kitchen where I can make a cup myself. 

Can I make it through an afternoon with out caffeine?

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