Monday, February 14, 2011

Dottie's Big Weekend

This morning, I left a very happy dog at home. She had one big weekend of fun.


She rewarded me with no accidents while I was at work. As reward she got to ride along with me to the bank and then got a trip to the pet store. New leash, more food, and a new bacon bone. It's her favorite.

(Photo from Nylabone)


A casual trip to the dog park in the morning and a frantically fun trip in the afternoon. So tired she was asleep by 6pm. 


Another trip to the dog park. She was begging to play with the little dogs, so I let her. However...some of the other owners freaked out that she was too big, so we left. This momma was not happy, since lots of other dogs were her size. Whatever.

So we came back just before sundown and Dottie met her match. Much play biting and running. Dottie was asleep by 6:30. 

She was just so happy to get to run and play so much this weekend. I was happy to make her wish come true. 

Dottie also got two new collars. How cute is she? Here's the first one. 

Its from Mod Dogs and I love it. Dottie likes it too. 

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  1. How fun! Lots of fresh air is good for a doggie - and her mommy!