Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Do I need more yarn?

Well, yes would be the answer I immediately come up with, but before I go on a spree, let's look at the data. 

First much do I already own?

I did the math and I have about 22,000 yard of yarn already. Whew! That sounds like a lot, but is it really?

I started knitting I think in 2007, but I didn't keep track of my projects yet, so I'm discounting that year. 

2008 I was still just learning, so I'm not counting that either. 

2009 was a banner year. I knit about 15,000 yards in one year. I was BUSY. 

2010, not so much. Only 10,000 yards. I'm going to give myself  a pass on that. I moved, got married, got a dog, and a new job all in one year. Sorry, I was busy last year. Plus almost 2,000 of those yard went into my super complicated veil that took 6 months to finish. 

2011, I've already knit almost 5,000 yards. 

Let see what's been done shall we?

This will be a vintage lacy blouse. Short sleeved and knit with a fuzzy, drapey, and soft yarn. I'm about 7 inches into the main body. 

This will be a shawl collared cardigan. I'm almost done with the main body, so basically the sleeves and collar are left to finish. 

I started this at Christmas. (Terzah tell the kids I'm still not done. Knitting takes patience.) All the knitting is done, but I have to block the pieces, sew them together, and add the trim. Really that will only take me about a day to complete once I have a free day. Once I have a free day. Can I have a snow day? Please?

This is actually done, but I forgot to take a picture. Its a shrug to wear over the yet-to-be made bridesmaids dress for my friend's wedding on the 20th. Yeah, you heard me...the wedding is in 2.5 weeks and I've yet to make the dress. However I have a really cute shrug. 

I've also purchased a fair amount of yarn recently. 

1500 yards of Cascade Yarns Sierra in High Rise. It was on sale. 

1700 yards of Lorna's Laces Green Line in Periwinkle. It was 50% off and way too tempting. 

1400 yards of Madelinetosh Pashmina in Well water. There was a party at my local yarn store and John told me to go make friends. 

1200 yards of
Spud & Chloe Sweater in Rootbeer. Sure to be the perfect dark brown to go with anything. 

That's 5,800 yard I've purchased already this year. All in enough to make a sweater, yay! 

So again, should I buy more yarn?

I'm still going to say yes. 

1) It doesn't go bad. I can use it tomorrow or a year from now and it doesn't matter.
2) A lot of my yarn is too heavy to wear in the spring/summer in LA, so I could use lighter weights. 
3) Lots of my 22,000 yards is odds and ends. I only have a few yarns with enough yardage to make a garment. 
4) John said "You should go buy more. They only have sales once a year and its better to get it on sale." 
5) John's beer making supplies are totally taking up more space than my crafting supplies. I better amp up my game if I'm going to win this war. 

Are you convinced?

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  1. Cupcake says you may buy more yarn if you are working on her leg warmers for her Baby Dance.