Friday, February 4, 2011

Urgh! Frustration


Friday my boss let us leave early. No waiting for the train. Both were perfectly timed. And John happened to make it home from work in perfect time to pick me up from the station. Much better!


If you stop by my office at 5pm and say 'Oh good, I caught you.' I'm going to look at you like this. Because I'm logged off, I have my coat on, and my purse in hand. Clearly I'm off the clock.

Karma, why did you have to follow up with a crappy Metro ride? Why?

Ladies with small children, why did you drag your children into the danger zone as the train pulled up? They almost got smacked in the head.

Handicapped guy, why did you block the entrance to the train so no one could quickly get on the train and thus lost their chance to get seats? Also, why did you blast music from your phone the whole ride? I'll grant you 'I'm your puppet' is a classic, but your other selections were not so good.

Metro, why do you not have a space on your Gold line trains for people to store bikes, strollers, luggage, and for the wheel chair bound to park? You have such spaces on your other trains.

Why did the train smell like fart?

Lady with the giant suitcase, why did you drag your suitcase throughout the train? Seriously, it was giant.

Lady with the giant jogging stroller, just why? I wouldn't think a giant jogging stroller would be the best choice for riding public transportation.

Wednesday you gave me such a wonderful ride. Did I have to pay for it with my pain and discomfort?

End rant.

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  1. Yeah, commuting can suck! But it makes getting home seem all the sweeter. Happily my commute is often a bike.

    Oh, and I do think you need more yarn.