Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm all domestic and stuff

What did I do this Sunday? I got all kinds of domestic.

First I made eggs, bacon, and rolls for breakfast. It was good. Dottie thought so too when she jumped on the counter and helped herself to some bacon. Bad doggie.

Then a trip to the dog park with John and Dottie. It was raining. Dottie was totally covered with mud and slobber, but she was so freakin' happy.

Afterwards took her to Pet Smart for supplies and possibly a bath, but they wanted about $30 to wash her, so Dottie got the hose instead. She was all cold, but we put her on a blanket in front of the heater and she forgave us.

Then grocery shopping so I could get moving on to the main event. Cook-a-thon!

First, make wheat roll dough. Let set to rest.

Then start boiling whole chicken with veggies for soup.

Next make raisin bread dough. Let rest.

Check on chicken, yum! Turn it over in the pot so both sides can cook (since our largest pot still didn't quite fit the smallest chicken at the store.)

Punch down and knead wheat dough. Let rest.

Watch your 8th episode on Dexter since Thursday.

Punch down both doughs and form them into single serving rolls. Let rest.

Take chicken out of broth. Drain broth to remove large chunks of veggies. Chop up veggies for soup and saute. Add chicken, broth, spices, and barley. Bring to a boil and then simmer.

Fully bake a few rolls for our dinner.

Watch another episode of Dexter.

Eat dinner and also partially bake the rest of the rolls.

Let everything cool, bag it and put in the freezer for later.

Things I didn't do this weekend...laundry, laundry, and dishes. Sorry John, I only used every pan in the house. But wasn't it worth it?

P.S. Terzah- Thanks for the King Arthur cook book. As you can see its totally come in handy.

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  1. Excellent! The only issue I have with all of this is that I wasn't there. :^)