Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Home Alone

This past week John and I experienced a trial of our marriage. No we didn't fight. There was no sickness (except my lingering cold). No, not even money issues. Our first test was...John leaving town for a week to work. I was home alone. 

Unlike Kevin I didn't have a bb gun for protection, I had Dottie. 

Doesn't see look threatening?

I would never post something like this while he is gone. My imagination is way to overactive. I would have visions of a stranger viewing my blog and some how finding my home at 3am and well, you can see where this would head. I'm paranoid enough as it is. I spent the entire week avoiding any TV that might add fuel to the fire. CSI was almost too much for me. 

However, I made it through the week and so did John. Poor boy spent his week working in Florida. He watched wildlife get rescued, went fishing, and ate said fish the same evening. I'm pretty sure he didn't hate his week, much as he missed Dottie and I. 

I didn't hate my week either. This past week showed me I can do it on my own while he is gone. I can be a single mother to Dottie, I just need to adjust. So I can't knit for hours on end, oh well. Playing fetch with Dottie is more fun. I can also cook dinner and play fetch at the same time. And when bed time comes, just leave the bathroom light on, turn on the fan, and go to sleep. Let your mind rest. 

I'm glad we had this short trial. John has traveled a lot since we meet 4 years ago and there is a solid chance he will need to travel again. I think its the hardest part of marrying John, but its a reality I can handle and I'm just glad I have family and friends nearby to support me when I need it. 

And our ferocious guard dog...


  1. That dog is truly scary. :^)

    I hate it when Dan travels, too. I just don't sleep as well. But it's a good time to catch up on chick flicks and long-distance phone calls, because when he's home I don't do those things.

  2. Gone and back already? Hoping for good news on the more traveling front - for the financial gain, not for the home alone with your ferocious guard dog. As you know, I do have a ferocious guard dog - it's just that he's only 10 pounds!

  3. If I met Bruno in the night, I'd run.