Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This or That?

I'm wrapping up a project I've been knitting on my lunch break at work and I'm gearing up for my next project. So which project should I make next?

Option 1:
Mata Hari
(Photo From Twist Collective)

Its got a scoop neck in the front and a deep v in the back. Bow is optional/removable. 

I'd use this yarn...

Its called truly, madly, deeply and its from Madelinetosh. 100% merino wool.

Pros: I want it...its pretty...seems fairly simple to make. 
Cons: Summer is coming and this is less practical. Would be able to wear it on days like today (rainy and slightly chilly).

Next option...

Emelie (Ravelry link)

(Photo from Ravelry)

Light weight cardigan with lace panels along the front. 

Using this yarn...

Lavender Lil from Colinette. 

Pros: Also very pretty. Lighter weight. 
Cons: More bulky to work on when riding the train. 

What do you think? What should I make next? 


  1. Mata Hari! It's pretty! You'll wear it when they start cranking the A/C inside.

  2. I think the Mata Hari is SOOO pretty (my first thought) but what kind of bra would I wear? (my second thought). But that's me... and I'm an old lady. And by the way, either color yarn would be spectacular on either of these projects.