Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Husband...Bad Metro

So...I tweaked my calf muscle a couple weeks ago during ballet class. It was feeling 100% again at class on Monday, but during the second jump exercise I started to feel the twinge.

Nothing that a little rest and stretching won't cure, so don't worry. However the one thing that makes it hurt is climbing stairs.

So Metro...I am unhappy with you!

The station I use to get to/from work is 5 stories under the ground. It has two exit/entrances. Each is about 1 block apart. The entrance closer to me job only has stairs and escalators, no elevator. So imagine my dismay when I found this sight this morning.


That's right, 4 stories of stairs to climb with my bum calf. (There is a smaller escalator right next to the tracks, knocking 1 story off my climb.)

Wouldn't be too bad except I then have to climb two steepish hills and a few more staircases to reach my office.

My calf is not happy with you Metro, and neither am I. 

I am happy with my husband though. Look what he found for me...

Pliny is for him, but that Scotch Ale...Yum!

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