Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My first Test Knit: Momo

I recently dipped my hand into the world of test knitting. I got an unreleased pattern then knit the pattern for the designer to make sure there were no errors and the end product turned out correct. Some people are compensated for doing this, but when testing for a small designer you usually use yarn from your own stash and get the pattern for free. Its pretty cool to see the process. Most designers have already knit the piece up in one size and just need to make sure the grading was correct for all the other sizes. So for the most part you're checking for math errors and typos.

Enter Momo...

Pattern: Momo (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Malabrigo Silky Merino in Pink Panther
Yardage: 738 yards
Timeline: February 19th to March 11th

The testing process was fairly smooth. Terri Kruse has already written a few patterns so the formatting was great. Really just a couple typos were found between all the testers.

Its a totally cute sweater. Elbow length sleeves, square neckline, and cable pattern down the front. The yarn is yummy. 50% wool 50% silk this thing is SOFT! But...its just not for me. I like my pullover sweaters to be fitted and have some structure. One thing I didn't get from the designer's pictures, was the way the underarm fits. Kind of low for my preference. This is partly my fault, since I haven't used this type of yarn before, I had no idea it would stretch as much as it does. Really I think the sweater is just better suited to wear with jeans and maybe over a t-shirt or long sleeved shirt rather than with a skirt and heels.

So...if anyone wants this beauty...its yours. Its sized for a 35' bust, but I think it could fit up to a 38' bust and maybe larger. Its about 14 inches long from the underarm and I found it plenty long enough to go over the top of pants. It has slight waist shaping, but nothing dramatic (also an issue for me...I need more waist shaping). So if your interested leave me your contact information and we'll sort out the details. 


  1. Ooh, it looks pretty. Do you think it would fit me? My bust is more like 33 and I usually like waist shaping too. But I'm all about things that look good with jeans and T-shirts....

  2. I think it will be too big for you, but I can bring it with me when I hopefully come to visit (fingers crossed).