Friday, March 4, 2011

Damn knitting for others!

So after a long fall of knitting Christmas gifts for others, I went through a spell of selfish knitting. I looked around and realized I'd only finished one sweater for myself, and even that one was missing buttons. So as you've seen I've finished a couple more for myself in the New Year. Success!

I even pulled out some old things I knit before and hadn't finished. 

Pattern: Audrey in Unst
Yarn: Louisa Harding Kashmir DK Color 2
Yardage: 986 yards
Timeline: February 17-April 27, 2010

Ah...this was intended to be worn on my honeymoon, but I took this picture a few days ago and the sweater still doesn't have buttons, only a white paper clip closure. 

What was I saying?

But gosh darn it...that wanting to knit for others bug has bit me hard. I now really want to knit for someone else...namely a good friend of mine whose birthday is only a month away. 

I'm also obsessed with knitting another sweater for John. He already has two, but I feel like neither came out perfectly, and I must fix that. But how? All the patterns I've found are horrible. I've made him the couple of one he liked, but we've reached the end of the road. But then I found vintage mens knitting patterns on Etsy and now I'm sudden inspired again. 

Okay, maybe not this one. But there were a few other super awesome patterns. This one was pretty awesome too. 

Sexy! on the look out for a couple more things coming soon. 

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