Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Riding the Train

Last time I posted about the train I think I was complaining, but let me follow up by saying taking the train is also possibly the best thing I've ever decided to do. I've already taken the train 6 of the 13 days I need to ride this month to make the monthly pass worth it.

Good Points about the LA Metro System

1. It is generally on time barring freak accidents involving semis crossing the tracks or brief periods of flooding.
2. As long as I catch my train at 8:13am I will be on time to work.
3. My husband drives me to the stop in the morning when he's not working, thus I get to spend a few minutes with him before I go. Dottie Jo likes it too because she gets a brief car ride.
4. I can knit or read as long as I can find a seat.
5. My balance on a moving vehicle is getting better as long as I'm not wearing heels.
6. My husband and Dottie come walk me home when they can.
7. Most importantly I can witness excellent art work like this...
 I'm not sure what the artist was thinking, but it looks like the person is being tortured because this is a picture of a man hanging from the ceiling. There are several of these in the Civic Center stop and they are all in this same pose. I think it's supposed to imitate flying, but it just looks like the train hit them and flung them up into the rafters.

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