Friday, November 5, 2010

Not lazy.

After posting yesterday I got a bug in my bonnet. Must finish knitting projects, preferably now.

Did I mention I'm trying to take the train to work everyday? I paid my $75 for a monthly pass, now I just need to ride 13 days this month to get my moneys worth. 4 days down...9 more to go.

Anyways, I really planned to knit all the way home last night, but my plan didn't totally work. I walked to station #1 and rode one stop to my transfer. Didn't knit because that train ride is short and always extremely crowded. Not worth it. Then I walked to station #2 and waited for my next train. There was a gal in front of me with a Ravelry tote knitting and I was totally jonesing to knit, but just then the train pulled up.  As I got on the train I knew things would just not work out well.

It was crowded too! Way more crowded than usual and I couldn't find a seat. Did I mention I was wearing brand new shoes? Ouch! The train driver was terrible too. Stop...go...stop...go...nausea. I kept getting thrown onto the guy standing next to me even though I was gripping the handrail trying to brace myself. I felt really bad for a little old lady who was made to stand. Seriously where did people's manners go? Basic rule of public transportation...give up your seat to the elderly. It's good karma. At least I got to over hear a man's conversation about his son's adjustment to his parent's divorce. Sweet!

So knitting was not so good. The train ride was more than halfway over by the time I got a seat, but I pulled out the knitting anyways figuring I still had a good 15 minutes. See? I overcame the lazy. I was rewarded too. Between the ride to the station, walking home, and the ride this morning I almost finished part 2 of Kathryn's gift!

When I got home last night I finished another 10 rows on Dottie's blanket so hopefully that will be done this weekend!

Yay for me! Progress!

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