Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Registry Help

As a first time Mom I feel like I'm just kind of going with the flow of things. I've purposefully avoided reading books and buying into the hysteria of preparing for a baby, but there is one area I feel completely in the dark. Baby products.

Its sooooooo easy to walk the aisles, see all the cuteness and totally buy in. There is a reason baby already has one of these.
So...for those of you who are already a Mom, I'd like to enlist your help.

I've created two registries. One at Target and one on Amazon. I've been using these as a way to keep track of what we need to acquire, but I'm not sure if I'm on the right track. I know some things are pretty pricey and might end up substituted for cheaper options later (I'm looking at you crib), but can you see any holes? Anything on there that is totally useless? Anything you couldn't live without?

Your help is much appreciated.


  1. I think the registries look good. You don't have too much extra "stuff." One thing to note is that--in my experience--some babies love a swing, while others love a bouncer (like this: A portable bouncer or swing is also just nice to have for trips to friends or relatives houses.
    One thing that I never used was the infant tub, as I found it easier and more fun to just climb in the bath with the baby (with the infant tub, you end up getting so wet anyway).
    One baby book that was very helpful in picking out registry products was Baby Bargains ( has reviews of all the baby products you can think of, kind of a Zagats for babies.

  2. Thanks Sara! So helpful! I think the swing I register for is a swing and bouncer in 1, so I'm covered for both. I was sooo torn on the tub thing. Do babies really need their own tub? I wasn't sure. Space is already tight in our house, so I'd rather not have too much extra stuff.

  3. Big second on getting lots of diapers. They are budget-eaters. It's not a sexy thing to register for, but seriously....Maybe I'm just scarred....

    I also second the recommendation about the pack-and-play with the bassinet insert. Very useful.

    Bottle-warmers were also nice for us (you can't microwave breast milk or formula and heating them up on the stove takes forever, especially in the middle of the night when you are exhausted).

    I don't think babies need a tub. We washed W&R in the sink until they were big enough to sit up comfortably on their own (at that point you can also get support gizmos for babies in a big tub).

    Jogging stroller=big thumbs up!