Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Boring is good...but Dottie is never boring.

Baby check up shows I'm about 26 weeks along. Holy cow! Its almost 3rd trimester time.

Everything looked totally normal. Anatomy scan showed a heart with 4 chambers and that its spinal cord meets the brain. Excellent. Head was down, but who knows if it will stay that way. Still have a few more weeks where she'll be able to wiggle around. We also got a pretty clear shot of her girly bits, so I'm feeling pretty confident that it is a girl and not a shy little boy.

I finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight. It can only go up from here.

I've also managed to ward off the glucose test for a few more weeks. I'm really not looking forward to taking it.

I'm feeling really good, just moving slower. Trying to keep active though.

So...onto Dottie who is never boring.

I've had not one but two calls from John in the last week that were warnings that Dottie was hurt but fine and I shouldn't be worried about her when I get home.

Injury 1: John has been experimenting with hiking with Dottie off leash. Days 1 and 2 went perfectly smooth. Day 3 she saw a squirrel and took off climbing up a cliff to chase it. Then she realized she couldn't get back down again. John had to risk life and limb to save her.

Result: Dottie hasn't been of leash since. She was scraped up, but otherwise fine. John is not teaching her NOT to chase squirrels.

Injury 2: Her nails were really long, so I asked John to take her in for a clipping. Only her front nails needed to be clipped, but the man at the vet insisted he could clip the back ones too. Mistake...BIG mistake. He cut them way too short. In the afternoon one claw started bleeding. By the time I got home 2-3 were bleeding. Pressure wasn't working. Baking soda wasn't working. She was bleeding through the bandages and we were supposed to leave for dinner in less than an hour.

Result: I ran to the pet store and bought some styptic powder. It worked! And graciously my Mom met us in Pasadena for dinner instead of halfway between our homes. Paw was bandaged for the night and the bleeding appears to have stopped. My sister Kathryn was our hero. She assessed the situation with a practiced hand and dealt with the blood better than this Mommy who suddenly wasn't feeling too well.

She's ready for a holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Jessica, John, Dottie (my dog niece) and my little unborn human niece! I hope the day is injury free for everyone.