Monday, May 2, 2011

Its a dream come true!

I was walking through Union Station this morning trying to figure out why there were so many heavily armed Sheriffs walking around and then I remembered the top news story. I can be so dense sometimes.

Moving on...

Here's a fact about me no one knows besides John. I really want a hexagon or octagon side table.

Weird right?

My person taste in furniture is usually like this...

But back in 2003 when I was shopping thrift stores for apartment furniture I found a little side table. I tried to find a picture to show you, but basically it had 8 sides and 4 of those sides had paintings of middle ages dudes to represent the 4 seasons. I think it was $20, but that was too much for me back then, so I passed on it.

Biggest furniture mistake of my life!!!

I became obsessed with finding a hexagon or octagon table (minus the paintings), but so far no luck. Sure we'd see one at the thrift store, but it'd be missing hardware, chipped, and uneven.

But this weekend I finally found it.

John, Yuri, Andrew and I hit up the PCC flea market. John and I had just been discussing our need for a side table in the living room. One that I could stash my knitting in.

And there it was...

See how well it hides my knitting? And holds my coffee cup?

I'm so excited and it looks so nice next to the couch. Yay! Success!!!

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  1. Awesome! Though I really wish I could see that 8-sided one with the pictures. Sounds weird.