Monday, April 18, 2011

Sniff Sniff

After a wonderful weekend marking John's return home...things have turned sad. Dottie is in the animal hospital overnight.

Last night we noticed Dottie was walking with an arched back and not using her rear right leg much. After sleeping and resting it didn't seem to be getting John took her to the vet.

After doing a few tests....

Good News: Doesn't appear to be a broken leg, slipped disc, or pulled muscle.

Bad News: They think it is nerve damage from the medication she took for the giardia.

Can you feel our frustration? I think she can fully recover, but what do we do if the giardia is still not gone?

At least John, Dottie and I had 24 hours of bliss together. We bought and hung curtains in the living room, stocked up on supplies and food for our house guests (Hi Andrew and Yuri, we're excited for you to come), had a nice meal, etc.


  1. I hope she's better soon, but seriously you should never let her hang curtains, no wonder she hurt herself.

  2. So sorry that your canine baby is so sick! Fingers crossed for you. Have fun w/ Andrew and Yuri!

  3. Oh no, Dottie Jo! We will have to bring her a little something to cheer her up during her convalescence.

    Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! We are incredibly grateful to you for your hospitality during our transition!