Tuesday, May 8, 2012

34 F...as in Frank

Today I went bra shopping. (Cue dramatic music)

I don't know anyone who enjoys bra shopping, but I think I've now found the way to go.  I went to Jenette Bras.

This place only sells bras bras that are D cup and bigger. Its not your typical store with racks and racks of bras. Instead they ask you what you are looking for and then bring the bras to you.

I walked in, gave them my info (for the sizing card they'll keep on hand for future reference) and told them I needed nursing bras.

She asked 'What band do you wear? 34? 36?'

Sees me adjusting the band on my current bra.

'34. Maybe even 32.'

The fitter disappears into the stock room and returns with a couple different bras in 34 F.

That's right, she guessed my correct size just by looking at me. Awesome.

Unfortunately they didn't have a ton of styles in my size, but I found one that fits really well. She's having another one sent over from their other store.

I'll tell you that this was the least sexy style they had, but that's okay. As long as my girls are happy, I can deal with less sexy bras for now. I'll go back when I'm done nursing and get some prettier ones.

For now, I'll just be happy to have nice perky pointy breasts. Plus it will probably help my back pain.

Also now that I know my correct size (and have depleted the local option) I can hit the internet for some other options like that sports bra I'll need for all the running I have planned.

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  1. For running bras, I recommend Title 9!