Sunday, March 11, 2012

Oh how the time flies

Lucy is one week old. How did that happen? When people say that time flies by quickly, boy were they right.

Its going really well too.

This week we came home from the hospital.

I got hit with severe pain from delivery, but by Thursday I was feeling good enough for a neighborhood walk. Today we even went on our first family outing to Jones coffee. I forgot to bring diapers. Opps. Rookie Mom mistake. But thankfully we were only gone an hour so diapers weren't needed.

I hit some bumps in the road with Lucy's latch when feeding, but yesterday we hit a turning point and now most nursing sessions are pleasurable rather than frustrating.

Sleeping has been going well with Lucy sleeping at least 1 3.5-4 hour stretch each night. Every morning I wake up from a good stretch of sleep I thank God that she slept one more night. She usually wants to eat ever hour between 8pm and midnight or 1am, but that tires her out pretty good.

We started off co-sleeping, but last night she slept in her bassinet all night. Success.

We also introduced Dottie Jo back into the pack and she has been doing wonderfully. Not ever aggressive, just curious. She's even concerned with Lucy cries.

Over all I feel so incredibly blessed to have Lucy in my life and I'm starting to really enjoy being a Mom.

Now for pictures.

Also major thanks to my Mom. She's fed us, cleaned, ferried me to the pediatrician (so John could work), watched our dog, helped me manage my pain, and so many other things. I'm so grateful for her help.

Also thanks to Katrina, Kevin, and Erin for feeding us this week. It was really nice to not need to figure out meals on top of everything else.


  1. So glad you guys have lots of people taking care of everybody! I will show Ruthie and Will these pics when I get home. I think she is beautiful. And does she really have red hair? That means we have quite the range of hair colors in the Ewing grandchildren so far....:^)

    1. We'll see if it stays that way. I predict a blondie once she looses this hair.

  2. Oh, what a beauty! Cannot wait to go.