Thursday, December 1, 2011

No electricity for us.

With winds gusting up to 100 mph in Pasadena, we're lucky we only lost electricty.

Here's our yard.

Side yard.

The alley way was blocked too.
I tried to walk Dottie, but to the right there was more debris blocking everything. To the left there was a downed tree with power lines wrapped around it.

Last night as I finished watching Top Chef the lights started flickering. When I went outside I found one of the power lines sending blue and green sparks flying. Moments later the fire dept. showed up to cut the power and block off the alley.

My biggest fear was that the neighbor's tree would come down onto our house. Its a huge pine tree that should be taken out, but since that would cost several thousand dollars, they just leave it there.

I think its safe to say we couldn't get much sleep last night. I was convinced the tree would come through our roof or a branch would come crashing through our front window. Dottie would run to investigate and either get hurt or jump out the window and get lost.

But thankfully we made it through the night with no damage to our house so far. There are lots on people less lucky, like this house near the coffee shop.

The city of Pasadena has declared a state of emergency and cancelled school today.

The winds are expected to last through tomorrow, so hopefully we will make it through okay.

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