Monday, October 18, 2010


Another week and another trip to the grocery store.

John and I have been making an effort to eat out less and cook more. Its healthier and cheaper.

This week we only went to Henry's since I was busy when the farmer's market was going on and John doesn't like to go without me.

We bought ingredients for...
White Bean Chili with Cornbread Muffins
Pork Chops with Acorn Squash and Salad
Chicken Pot Pie with Mixed Vegetables
Pesto Pasta and Salad
Sandwiches Makings (deli meat and cheese)
Breakfast foods

We spent about $80 which I think is pretty good since we'll have plenty of food for 6 days. I figured 6 days x 3 meals= 18 meals X 2 people= 32 meals. $80/32= $2.50/per meal.

We certainly couldn't eat this good for $2.50 if we went out  to eat. We didn't even skimp too much on meat this week.

One of the big changes I've had to adjust to since getting married is our eating style. I can and do eat the same thing for days upon days. 4 days of Chili for lunch in a row, sure! My husband, not so much. Plus he eats more than I do, so I'm still adjusting to our shortage of leftovers from some meals. For instance, the chili makes about 8 2-cup servings. Of course John had two servings for dinner last night. So that only left 5 servings for the rest of the week. This meal would last just me more than one week. In my single days I would freeze half of it for later. Now if I have some for lunch today and so does my husband, we'll be down to 2 servings left by Tuesday. How do the mothers of teenage sons deal with this? I know they eat way more than my husband.

As a side note I'm climbing back on the Calorie King train. 4 months post wedding and I've gained back the weight I lost. Sad :( Must exercise more and drink less beer.

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