Thursday, April 5, 2012

One Month Down

Lucy Anne turned 1 month old yesterday. Sweet little girl is growing so quickly.

Things are settling into place now at least as much as they can. Mostly its John and I adjusting. Getting used to getting up in the night. Sorting out how much to bottle feed her. Getting great at catching spit up.

Personally I'm getting used to the feelings of being responsible for the little lady. I was watching the movie Soul Surfer today. When The main character (Bethany) gets her arm eaten off by a shark I started crying. Why? Because what if Lucy becomes a surfer and gets her arm eaten by a shark?

I'm also still sorting out how to take care of Lucy while not ignoring Dottie's needs. Oh heck, without ignoring my needs too. I'm getting better at walking Dottie, though sometimes later than she'd like. Not as good at feeding myself. Most of my meals are still consumed when John gets home or someone comes to visit. But its a work in progress and I'm figuring it out.

Also thanks to Grandma Widget for coming to visit. It was so cute to see Lucy meet her other Grandma.

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  1. Oh my, she's changed in one week! What a beauty. Love grandma Widget