Thursday, February 16, 2012

Maternity Leave To-Do List

Things to do before the baby arrives.

1. Install car seat. DONE Also drive around with Dottie in the car so she can get used to it. DONE and it was hilarious
2. Build pack and play. Baby should *probably* have a place to sleep when she comes home.
3. Wash baby clothes. DONE
4. Finish packing hospital bag. DONE
5. Take Dottie to the vet to get her vaccines updated and her nails clipped. DONE
6. Get nursery furniture arranged and decorate.
7. Buy more dog food for Dottie. DONE Make a little overnight bag for her in case she needs it.
8. Figure out disability paperwork and get it turned in.  (Hmmm....maybe this should be #1) DONE
9. Sleep. OH YEAH
10. Knit before my hands and brain are turned to mush by a newborn. WIP

Anything else someone recommends?

Oh, just remembered...get a haircut DONE and pedicure DONE.


  1. Sounds like a long list. Am getting excited!

  2. Great list! And most of it sounds fun. Enjoy!