Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm sick of Maternity Clothes

Baby is due in about one month, and all I can think about is wearing sundresses again. Dresses like this.

I officially miss my waist.

I want to wear pretty dresses that are not made of stretch fabric. Ones that do not have an empire waist. I want to wear a full skirt with heels and maybe a little button down blouse.

I want to buy new shoes without the fear of sudden swelling in my feet. (The swelling hasn't happened but I'm on a vigilant watch for it.)

But mostly I want to have my waist back so I can make myself some pretty new breast feeding friendly clothes. Because the more I think about my pre-pregnancy wardrobe, the more I realize everything is missing some all important assess to my boobage. But I don't dare assume my post-pregnancy size will be the same as my pre-pregnancy size.

How about this one...good for breast feeding and going back to work?

How long does it take to regain some sort of waist again? My heart says 'It only takes like a couple of weeks right?' But my head says 'Be ready for a long and arduous journey you crazy nut.'


  1. There is nothing to worry because there are so many range and large varieties available here and you will get the best outfit.

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  2. It took me a while to get my waist back, but I was a really weird shape at the end with two in there. And you are younger than I was, which I hear is helpful. :^)

    As for the boobage, mine were *huge* during breast-feeding, but they shrank back down to my pre-pregnancy size quickly afterwards. They're a little saggier than they were, but mostly the same (thank God--I didn't like being Dolly Parton).

    Don't worry--it's almost over (this part, that is). I can't wait to meet the baby! :^)